So my book finally got published back in January and here I am, still poor and relatively unknown. Not such a surprise as I haven’t really got going with my marketing and I doubt, even then, that the book would sell millions, or even thousands,

I have been pleasantly surprised by the support form some lovely people and there are a few photos here to show how great those individuals are to me.

The eBook came out today and I will crack on with promoting the book, here are my plans so far:

  1. Start contacting eBook groups for advice and support.
  2. Contact local bookshop and see if they are interested in stocking the book.
  3. Contact local magazines and newspapers for reviews – could be scary!
  4. Join Facebook author groups for more of the same.
  5. Also currently speaking to a book supplier in Thailand who may be interested in selling it in physical locations.
  6. Keep up blogs like these on a weekly basis.

So there you have it, I am going full speed into marketing my little book and really hope that I can count on your support x

Ah nearly forgot!

Here’s a link to the eBook