This is my very first book and I am so excited that you are here!

This is a total labour of love and I really do hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Okay, it isn’t going to be a best seller, that much I know, but if you are looking for an honest and heartfelt account of how a not so normal family embark on a pretty badly planned emigration and got involved in all sorts of adventures along the way, you will not be disappointed. It also deals with that terrible condition known as Vascular Dementia and how my dear old Dad, Colin Hall, did his very best against this awful foe, right until the end.

Bangkok to Ben Nevis Backwards isn’t going to change anyone’s life but it just may help anybody who is thinking of moving their family 6000 miles and would rather read about my mistakes than make the same ones themselves.

It also intends to be a firm friend for those who have a family member suffering from Vascular Dementia or any type of degenerative disease.

I’m no goody two shoes, you can find that out when you read my book, but I was so deeply affected by the way that Dementia tore my Father limb from limb that I just had to do something.

I am donating a percentage of the proceeds of the book to Dementia UK, a terrific charity that really needs our help.

If you have been affected by this hideous disease and want to help, please, please, click on the link and make a donation.

Or you can buy the book and you’ll also be helping a lot!

I’ll stop preaching now and just want to say thanks again for spending a few minutes reading my words.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments because we are all family at the end of the day x

Debt, Dementia, Emigration, and Attempted Murder! If you ever wanted to learn a little about how not to move your family to a strange and exotic country or two, this true cautionary tale is perfect for you! Inhale the adventures of the Hall family as they move from crisis to crisis on whims and ideas, badly executed. Dealing with tropical nightmares, adventures with snakes (both human and reptile), vehicular challenges, culture shock(s), betrayal(s), career changes, debt dispersal, family diaspora, and the tragedies endemic in growing old – all crammed into an 18-month journey to self-acceptance. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but never boring, Phil Hall’s account of dragging his family across the world and back again is intriguing, funny, shocking, and sometimes heart-breaking. Oxfordshire, the Highlands of Scotland, Bangalore and North East Thailand are the backdrop to these memoirs of cock-ups galore!